Wednesday, August 13, 2014

IC Summer Blog Tour-"Navigating the Writing Path: From Start to Finish"

Thank you to JoAnn Buttaro who invited me to the tour sponsored by IC Publishing. JoAnn is a date rape survivor who has successfully completed counseling/treatment for PTSD and seen her attacker through two trials resulting in convictions for sexual assault and rape and him being sentenced to Life in prison. Since 2009 she has told her story to victim advocacy training groups, college campuses on the East and West coasts and Take Back the Night events. Her goal is to speak out on social media and publicly for those who are unable. JoAnn blogs almost daily telling her story one day at a time from her assault to counseling and two trials.

You can reach out to JoAnn and read her blog and tweets at:

TWITTER: @JoAnnSpeaksOut

1. Share how you start your writing project(s). For example, where do you find your inspiration? Do you outline? Do you jump right into the writing? Do you do all of your research first?

I jump write into writing. An idea comes into my mind and I jot it down. I then go to the computer and write it out. Sometimes my ideas are longer so then I split them up across my blog. Since I'm in the comedy world I also post things that amuse me and hopefully do the same to my readers.

2. How do you continue your writing project? i.e. How do you find motivation to write on non-creative days? Do you keep to a schedule? How do you find the time to write?

I continue my writing projects when the mood strikes me. I'm a firm believer that creativity can't be forced. I let the ideas come naturally and then I get to work. I don't have a set schedule, it can be any time in the day and when the passion strikes.

3. How do you finish your project? i.e. When do you know the project is complete? Do you have a hard time letting go? Do you tend to start a new project before you finish the last one?

I consider each blog a project. I'm not telling a story through my blog, I'm sharing my observations, views and experiences. So on any given day it can be a posting that has nothing to do with the day before. I just put my work out there and once it is posted I'm finished and on to the next one. (Unless it is the longer stories that I break up like I mentioned before.)

4. Include one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could help with or benefit from.

If it's not flowing don't force it. Too many times people feel they have to write and when that happens it won't be your best work. Writing comes from the mind, heart and soul and we can't control when and how those things feel. Also if you get frustrated at times, walk away from your project for awhile and come back with fresh eyes.
Next I would like to introduce the humor blog of Los Angeles based comedian and author Du Kirpalani. Subscribe now for access to celebrity short stories, digital series and a twist on current affairs.
You can read Du's blog or contact him using the follow info:
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Phillies Trade Unruly Fan

With the passing on the MLB trading deadline many Philadelphia Phillies fans were irate that Ruben Amaro Jr. didn't make any deals. The team is loaded with older players with huge contracts and the future of baseball for the next few years doesn't look good for the City of Brotherly Love. Still on the roster are Ryan Howard and Jonathon Papelbon. Howard has been an underachiever who gets hurt a lot and hasn't lived up to the Rookie of the Year and MVP seasons that landed him a huge contract and Papelbon, to bluntly put it, is a whiny bitch.

What fans didn't notice was that the team unloaded Jeremy Stockton. Stockton, a season ticket holder since the Phillies became good awhile ago has been growing more and more discontent over the last few years as the team has slumped. Once a happy go lucky guy, he has now turned bitter and abusive and was looking to jump off the bandwagon anyway.

Being a Philly sports fan isn't easy because it's a road full of much more disappointment then meaningful victories. The people who follow sports in the city do however at times get a bad rap. Most outsiders bring up that Eagles fans booed Santa Clause. That is simply not true. Santa Clause has more important things to do then be at an NFC East showdown of Christmas Eve so please get the facts straight.

Stockton, 35 who resides in Pennsauken, NJ and works at Bayard's Chocolates was disappointed his new home to watch baseball will be in Tampa Bay. Although he looks forward to nice weather he is not a fan of the Designated Hitter and will miss Yuengling and those popular Schmitter sandwiches.

The Rays reportedly sent the Phillies 25 Sprite canisters, 53 boxes of Corn Dogs and 695 Rocket Pops for Stockton.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cooper Mashup #5

What happens if you mashup two specific Celebrities? You get the writer of this blog.
TODAY: John Denver + J.K. Simmons = Steve Cooper

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Celebrity #1

Rarely seen photo of Tanya Harding all dolled up for a Friday night on the town.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cooper Mashup #4

What happens if you mashup two specific Celebrities? You get the writer of this blog.
TODAY: Elvis Costello + Mr. Clean = Steve Cooper

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cooper Mashup #3

What happens if you mashup two specific Celebrities? You get the writer of this blog.
TODAY: Benjamin Button + Barbara Streisand = Steve Cooper

Friday, February 14, 2014

Olympic Stuff

Crazy coincidence: 4 out of 5 Olympic rings worked and 4 Out of 5 Russian Dentists surveyed recommend Trident.

How cool. The Armenian Olympic team walked out in track suits with cigarettes in their mouth.

Olympic figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko = The Russian Adrien Brody.

Watching the Winter Olympics. Does anyone know what night Beach Volleyball is on?

F*ck you NBC & Today Show! How do you expect us to watch the Winter Olympics if you tell us the winners at the very beginning of your show!